Comprehensive Financial Planning- Concierge Wealth Advisors offers comprehensive financial planning that looks at your whole financial picture, including your employee-sponsored 401 (k), and can help you to evaluate your current financial situation as it stands now and also the steps that need to be taken to get you to where you want, or need, to be. This includes retirement planning, family budgeting, financial goal-setting, and large purchase considerations.

Investment Policy Statements – Investment Policy Statements are the cornerstone of an effective investment plan. These documents outline the accounts’ objectives, strategies, investment horizons, limitations, and preferences. Concierge Wealth Advisors will help you to draft these statements whether your account is with us or elsewhere. This includes you employer sponsored plan – We will help you to choose the right investments for your 401 (k). 

Investment Management – Concierge Wealth Advisors allows you to bring in all of your old 401 (k)s, brokerage accounts, and any other investment accounts from your past and consolidate them in like accounts to better streamline your investment management process. Concierge Wealth Advisors will then help you to create your investment plan and implement your plan based upon your own, individual investment policy statement. For this, Concierge Wealth Advisors will charge a fee based upon the account balances being managed.

We also offer...

One-time Financial Consultation – Are you thinking about a big purchase (boat, house, luxury car) and want to know how much you can afford? Are you trying to determine the best route to meet your savings goals? Do you want a one-time retirement check-up or a second opinion on your investment strategy (whether you have a DIY portfolio or have used another advisor)? We can work on an hourly basis to help you meet your financial objectives.