Adam Fraser

Adam Fraser

Adam Fraser, Co-Founder & Chief Compliance Officer

Adam Fraser grew up in the Tri-Cities area of northeast Tennessee.  After graduating from Science Hill High School in Johnson City, Adam followed his interests in law enforcement and security and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from East Tennessee State University. While at ETSU, Adam developed an interest in shooting and was introduced to a local security contracting company that provided physical security to a national security asset. Upon graduation, Adam took a position with the security contractor and began his career in law enforcement.

While working in his new career, Adam quickly found out that schools were leaving graduates woefully unprepared to handle their financial future. 401 (k)’s, emergency funds, and investment vehicles were not a top priority for most of his co-workers. As such, more and more co-workers would turn to Adam for investment/financial advice. As Adam helped more and more colleagues determine 401 (k) contribution amounts, asset allocations, and other financial planning elements, he decided that this was an area where he could make a real difference in people’s lives. This led him to turn a hobby into an academic and professional pursuit. 

In the fall of 2011, Adam began his Master’s Degree program in Finance at Southern New Hampshire University with a concentration in Financial Planning. After working diligently for two years, Adam completed his program with a 4.0 GPA and was selected as the ‘Outstanding Student’ of his particular program. After interning with a local firm and researching others, Adam decided that the region was lacking a truly fee-only investment advisor and decided to establish Concierge Wealth Advisors, LLC with his co-worker and fellow financial enthusiast, D. Jeffrey Doane. There, they could offer low-cost investments with importance placed on risk mitigation rather than performance chasing. The two of them believe in a low-cost implementation of Modern Portfolio Theory using a combination of index funds representing the many different asset classes.

In his spare time, Adam likes to hike with his chocolate lab, Izzy, mountain bike local trails, and spend time with his wife, Heather, and their son.

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Jeff Doane

Jeff Doane

Jeff Doane, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Doane was born and raised in northeast Tennessee.  After graduating from Sullivan East High School, Jeff decided that serving his country in the United States Marine Corps would provide him with the structure and discipline to conquer life's challenges. While serving in the Marines, Jeff was afforded the opportunity to travel the world and experience an array of different cultures. After serving four years of Active Duty, Jeff received an Honorable Discharge and came back home to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree from East Tennessee State University.

While attending East Tennessee State University, Jeff worked full time as a Security Contractor protecting a national security asset.  In doing so, he acquired and maintained a Top Secret Clearance with the United States Government.  During this time, Jeff developed his interests in personal finance topics such as investing, managing debt, and making a budget.  This newfound interest led him to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and to enter the financial services industry where he can share his passions with others who may benefit. Jeff has helped friends and family alike in making asset allocation decisions as well as constructing financial plans to meet their goals.

In his spare time, Jeff likes to ride motorcycles, mountain bike local trails, and spend time with his wife, Sarah, and their son.

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